This is me with my long, brunette locks embarking on my silver journey.

silver journey-before

This is me now.  With shorter, lighter locks.

silver journey-seven months

So began my silver journey

I’ve always loved my thick dark hair but I couldn’t wait for the day when I could don silver hair.  Seriously.  I have always loved the look.  Then came the talk between my son and I, seven years ago.  He’s never been a fan of artificial anything.  He asked when I would stop coloring my hair, and how I would look great with silver hair. (I wasn’t quite ready to stop coloring my hair @ the time), and told him that I would when whichever came first… me being 55 or becoming a grandma. Well at the end of my 55th year, I found out I was to be a grandma.  But it’s definitely a mental process as well as a physical one.  My son and I revisited that conversation, I explained to him that I wasn’t quite ready and I felt that I would know when I would be.  That happened last spring—at 56 and totally in grandma-mode, (MIMZY) mode!

I started to prepare mentally after reading article after article from other women who had done this and explained what a life changing process this had been for them.  You see, when we look in the mirror, you see the same face, day in and day out.  You’re familiar with that person, that look.  And from someone who had never played with any other color–not red, not blonde, it was definitely going to be a change.

silver journey-hair

My hair was well past my waist.  The search for a fabulous hairstylist that would consider the integrity of my hair, the time consuming process and my need for using a gentle lightening treatment, as I wasn’t willing to go through the “skunk” looking phase without help.  Success.  I found a fabulous stylist and she has been amazing & so passionate about helping me reach my goal.  She’s trimmed, lightened and been super supportive!

silver journey-long

Especially when I reached  a full blown – blonde (not my favorite AT ALL) phase, and regret set in.  The hardest part was during the 4-6 month period, where it was at it’s blondest and I hated the way it looked.  I really – really did!

silver journey-me

My peeps were super nice and tried to make me feel better about my new look, but each time I looked in the mirror, I cringed and second guessed whether I was doing the right thing.  Regret does set in.  Patience is definitely a virtue.

silver journey-bleached

silver journey

Then comes the moment when more of the silver is coming through and you start seeing the yellow disappear!  Hallelujah!  It has been a long, doubt-filled journey…but, it is starting to look up.

silver journey-after

My latest visit found me with 4 inches shorter, reaching my 7 month with the integrity of healthy hair still in tact and finally starting to see silver.  I KNOW I’m going to love & embrace this new me!  NO, I am no longer regretting this decision.  I just can’t wait for the final outcome.

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