a songwriter's music-austin-texas

This guy certainly deserves this BIG smile!  He’s been hard at work with his new music album where he has recorded all of his own material.  A songwriter’s music collection of wonderful  lyrics and music all around.

a songwriter's music- Jacob

A songwriter hard at work.   And guess what?

a songwriter's music-copy

It’s done.

I am so impressed by anyone who sacrifices everything… (literally everything) to follow their dreams.  And this guy continues to do just that.  I love that he has such strong convictions about his love & respect of music and knows that his talent is something he feels the need to share. The past three years have been spent honing his songwriting skills and collectively working on this project.

I’m his mother and for the first time EVER, I have not had the pleasure (as I’ve been accustomed), of getting a preview of the songs on his new album.  I have to wait just like everyone else.

a songwriter's music-jaeger

a songwriter's music-jj

a songwriter's music-songwriter

a songwriter's music-harmonica

But that’s okay.  I’m anxiously counting down for the release of this piece and my chance to hear some amazing tunes.  I continue to wish him nothing but the best coupled with an insane amount of success for all his hard work AND love from his biggest fan~



(most pictures above courtesy of Deborah K. Coley)
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