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Oh Springtime!!!  Chances are if you live up north you are definitely NOT thinking about cute spring sandals, going barefoot or foot scrubs.  But, I live in Texas and we skip from mild winters straight into summer.  There might be an occasional spring, which right now—-we’ve been lucky to be enjoying 70 temps.  But as soon as warmer weather hits…I put the majority of my boots away and start pulling out all those cute flip flops and sandals cause they’ll be my best friends from now until late October.  In short…sandals are a BIG deal!

Don’t you love when your lucky in finding a pair of sandals you just fall in love with?  That was the case with a gold pair that I bought about 7 years ago.  The other day while doing some spring cleaning, they had seen better days, so off to the trash they went.  Along with several that  I donated and that I definitely got my moneys worth on. A little online spring sandal shopping is now in session.  Looking for some new styles.

Spring sandals & foot scrubs-collage

The past few days have been perfect Spring sandal wearing weather days.

Spring sandals & foot scrubs-gold

Spring sandals & foot scrubs-turquoise

If only I could get away with wearing non-sandals like these to work, right?

Spring sandals & foot scrubs-barefeet

Ehow has instructions on making these barefoot sandals –& look at how gorgeous these other styles are?

Spring sandals & foot scrubs- sandals

I SWEAR in another life I must’ve been a gypsy because I love everything about these!  I love bright colors, bohemian ANYTHING!!!  Dang it!  That work requires footwear 🙁

Now…show off your cute spring sandals but you must have a cute pedi —let’s not forget to exfoliate and polish in bright corals, pinks, blues or whatever color makes for happy feet.  To help in this department, here’s an easy to make Foot Scrub!

Spring sandals & foot scrubs-footsoak

Whipped Lemongrass Foot Scrub

A moisturizing whipped foot scrub. The coconut and grapeseed oils act as emollients that hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. The sugar provides a thorough exfoliation of the skin. Lemongrass essential oil has antiseptic qualities and is both refreshing and relaxing at the same time.  

• 1/4 cup coconut oil
• 1/4 teaspoon grapeseed oil
• 10 drops lemongrass essential oil
• 1/4 cup coarse sea salt (less if you want a less exfoliating scrub)

Whip the coconut and grapeseed oil in a glass bowl with a hand mixer or whisk.  Then gently fold in the sea salt.
Rub the foot scrub in vigorous circular motions, including the feet and for awesomely soft legs–keep going!
Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes & relax. You can even wrap your feet with a warm, damp hand towel while you pamper! Remove with a warm, damp washcloth.  Store the rest in an airtight glass jar. Enjoy this treatment one to two times a week for best results.

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Now go show off your soft feet in pretty sandals—it’s springtime!


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