A little fashion fun… should you or shouldn’t you?  Stripes and bling– a great combo!  I did and I’m by no means a fashion expert but I am willing to step out and just have fun when it comes to accessorizing and combining different pieces to make a fun fashion statement.  How many times have other girls said to you, “I’d never of thought of putting that together.”?  I take that as a compliment.  It’s a form of being creative and making a fashion statement. YOUR fashion statement.stripes and bling-bling

Fashion Expression” is what I call it.

When it comes to outfits—I like to have fun and get creative and we all should.

So… do you mix a basic horizontal tee with awesome bling? Absolutely!

What I wore:

  • blue and white striped tee
  • white cotton button down shirt
  • gold crystal necklace
  • fun navy/crystal blingy ring
  • j crew crystal bracelet
  • vintage white bangle
  • gold hoop earrings
  • my favorite jeans
  • tan wedged sandals

Ready for a fun day out!

stripes and bling- tee

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