Just chatting about summer color, outfits, hair.  You know,  girl stuff.


Summertime!  And it always gets me to thinking about chopping my hair off.  Why is that?  Do y’all do that?  The stinkin’ heat makes me antsy and then it’s the YES or NO game.  I have a sweet family that likes to talks me out of it.  A few days ago I was contemplating going and getting it professionally done and I also remembered that last year about this time, I took the scissors one night and just began cutting away.  It wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Thank GOD I have a very full mane, if I mess it up, you can’t really tell— or I hope you can’t. 😉Summer color, outfits, hair-cut

I convince myself of how easy it is to just wrap it up, braid it or ponytail it when it’s long, but it sure is time consuming if I have to blow dry for 30 minutes and then curl or straighten for an additional 20 minutes.  That’s a lot of time to spend on hair, especially if the day turns out to be rotten!!!

So, still contemplating.


What to wear in the summer with vibrant color but is still breezy and wards off those hot temps?

Here’s a fun little top!  Black and white patterned with bold lime shoulder contrast perfect for adding some CORAL?  Well I did!  I paired it with white linen shorts, silver wedges, rhinestone & pearl accessories, and vintage bangles. Perfect for the 90 degree weather we’re having.  Don’t be afraid of color—-ESPECIALLY in the summertime girls!  POP!!!Summer color, outfits, hairsummxxx


Summer color, outfits, hair-nail

Aren’t these SINFUL COLORS fab???  Well, I’m happy to announce I finally have pretty feet —summer coral toes!  A much-much  needed pedi.


But they would certainly look even better if I were tanned (so, I’m working on that)!  This Latina’s gotta get some color- just sayin’.  When my son and I were down south two weekends ago, I told him I was embarrassed to be surrounded by the natives—cause I was so pale in comparison.  Harsh reality folks!

Summer color, outfits, hair-color

For now,  I’m colorful & set for a day of running errands and conquering the world.  Well, at least the GCC world~

Summer color, outfits, hair-gcc

But don’t forget to protect that beautiful skin from the u-vee’s~

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