summer of '74

It was the summer of ’74, and guess what I thought about all day and everyday???  Wearing makeup and shaving my legs.   Cause we had a house rule, and we weren’t allowed to do either until we were 15.  That was my dad’s rule. I don’t remember if it was that big of a deal to my sister’s but to me, a girl who thought of nothing else but fashion, the latest styles, makeup and accessories—well, it was huge to me!

summer of '74-magazines

That was pretty old school I know and the first thing I did when I was nearing 15 was saving 75 cents to go buy me a copy of “Seventeen” magazine.  Pretty sure I thought they were pretty legit as far as having all the info I needed to look fabulous in every sense!  They always had the prettiest girls on their covers and had vast info on how to apply makeup, taking care of your skin and bonuses like “how to look very, very pretty”–ha or how to get a boyfriend!  What young girl wouldn’t want all that knowledge?

But I do have to admit that most issues did have very useful information, not like today’s copies that are filled with ads.

Some of the very useful and helpful tips that I learned from my Seventeen issues were how to take care of my skin.  Beginning with:

  • never use harsh products on your face
  • always “pat” your face dry
  • use moisturizers daily
  • when applying moisturizer, apply it in upward motion
  • water is your skins best friend

And apparently so was/is Ivory soap and Oil of Olay!

Summer of '74-ivory

summer of '74-ooo

I’ve used nothing but Ivory soap and Oil of Olay on my face for the past 42 years, and they’ve not let me down!  My skin still has it’s elasticity, softness and very few wrinkles for this 57 year old!  A lot of it is my parents great genes but it most definitely hasn’t hurt to take care of my skin over the years.

It’s important to do gentle facials and exfoliate a few times during the year.  I’m not a believer of laser peels or harsh facial treatments.  So I wanted to share a favorite peel mask that you can easily make at home.  It will leave your face so soft and supple, you’ll want to do it weekly–cause it feels that great.  3 ingredients!

summer of '74-mask


(adapted from doityourself remedies)

  • 1/4 c. water
  • 1/2 t. matcha tea powder (camomile, black or any of your faves)
  • 1/2 t. agar agar powder

Boil water and remove from heat.  With a whisk, stir in the tea powder and then the agar until well blended.  Allow to cool slightly that it won’t bother or burn your skin.  Apply on your face using a makeup or paintbrush.  (Here’s my own crazy pics of the steps)…disturbing.

Summer of '74-peel

Allow to dry completely, then peel and feel your fresh, hydrated skin!  It will open your pores and the antioxidants in the matcha, will seal in moisture.  *This will make enough for two peels so invite your bff!

With the exception of this diy peel, now you know my beauty secrets that I’ve religiously followed for more than 42 years.  I’m no magazine cover girl by any means but taking care of your skin should be a priority—

summer of '74-skin

you will reap the benefits down the road!


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