Texas backroads

Full, “over their bank” creeks are everywhere.   They’ve pretty much kept us from travelling in certain directions, but that’s okay cause that leaves us with Texas backroads…given they’re not underwater of course! Texas backroads-longhorn

The plan today was to head to Fredericksburg for my annual peach stash but the plans didn’t quite work out that way.   BUT…  we did find magic.  Here are some images we got, along with my friend (longhorn), that I christened Big Hoss.  He seemed to be waiting for his turn in this shot, right?  Plus some other sweet captures along the trail.
Texas backroads-sign
Texas backroads-wimberely
Texas backroads-bakery
Texas backroads-trays
Texas backroads-goats
Texas backroads-greens

Texas backroads

Made it back home with a handful of Fredericksburg peaches from a roadside stand, but too small to call a stash…so a trip west remains in the works.  Cause if you’ve ever had these sweeties—ya know this ain’t enough for squat!
Texas backroads-peaches
Hasta luego —stay dry, Texas friends!


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