Thank a TEACHER with a FREE Printable-pop

Oh man!  Can you believe that school’s almost over and it’s time to THANK some awesome TEACHERS out there?  Well, let’s thank a teacher with a free printable for their awesome gift you pick out for them!

Thank a TEACHER with a FREE Printable-collage

First, some shout outs!!!

I hold a special place in my ♥ for educators.  They are the unsung hero’s, the underpaid, and the underdogs in our lives. They help define our youths character.

My kids were fortunate enough to attend an elementary school where they could excel and be a part of some of the best nurturers and caring staff… so much that this school recently received some well deserved accolades.  Kudos and thank you Southside!  I wish all kids had caring and loving teachers like you.  I THANK YOU for helping mold and nurture MY kids.

Thank a TEACHER with a FREE Printable-southside (Angleton ISD photo)

I’m also partial and thankful for my favorite teacher – my sweet daughter!  As a child, she would always tell me that she wanted to be a teacher and I tried so many times to talk her out of it.  Thank God she didn’t listen to me (that time).  She was meant to TEACH, and meant to MOLD young lives.  She’s outstanding!

Ask any REAL teacher and they will tell you that they didn’t go in to education for the summers and they certainly didn’t do it for the money!  It’s their calling, their gift.  Our kids are just the fortunate recipients of that gift.  They don’t want to be recognized, they do need to be appreciated. During the school year, I always wanted to make sure my kids teachers knew how much WE appreciated and loved them for their guidance and time.  I miss not having kids in school anymore, I don’t have teachers to spoil! (sad face)

A simple note of thanks to a teacher, is a grand gesture. I remember what they meant to my MIL whenever she rec’d one from a former student and I know what this note meant to my girl!

sweets letterx

So, we’re all in agreement that we should THANK our teachers right?  Here’s a “small” way to show appreciation…  with a little something I designed.

A colored printable gift tag or black & white  printable gift tag.

Thank a TEACHER with a FREE Printable-sodas

It even has a place for your child to put their name!

How to’s:

Print, cut and attach to her favorite soda!  If you want to add more color or coordinate with the kind of soda you buy, use colored scrapbook paper for a background layer (shown).  You can also copy and paste in a word doc to resize them, if you want to do individual soft drinks or smaller tags!

Thank a TEACHER with a FREE Printable-templates

Once you get ’em the size & color you want, print and cut them. I thought the orange font would be great with Orange Crush/Fanta (Fanta, Fanta I’m doing the song ‘n dance) soda!!!
Thank a TEACHER with a FREE Printable-cut
 Now attach with ribbon, string or cord.  Voilà!

Thank a TEACHER with a FREE Printable-pop

To all of YOU awesome educator’s—THANK YOU and enjoy your last few days before summer!

The rest of YOU!  If you can READ this…most definitely thank a teacher~

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