the 4 foot fork and a life's lesson-bakery

the 4 foot fork and a life's lesson-forknspoon

I’m recommending a fabulous little café in New Braunfels on my post on the 4 foot fork and a life’s lesson.  The place,  FORK and Spoon patio café.  If I’m going to try a new place I base it on Yelp and it never fails me.  This was one of those times.  Boo and I went there for Saturday brunch a couple of months ago.  The wait was not bad and the little place was packed!  The ambiance was perfect and they had a bakery with lots of great smelling breads and sugary treats.


Let’s start with the food.   It was fresh, warm and decadent!  I ordered the pan crepes with crème anglaise, walnuts, fresh strawberries and powdered sugar.  Boo ordered their pancakes and let’s just say there were no leftovers.  Everything was fabulous!  You must try this place when and if you’re ever in New Braunfels!

the 4 foot fork and a life's lesson-crepes

BUT… besides their great food though, I fell in LOVE with a giant fork that was part of their décor.  It was pretty amazing and even more so that it was tied with the cafe’s name.

Weeks later I was shopping for some home décor and lo and behold, I find a giant fork—-a 4′ fork to be exact!

the 4 foot fork and a life's lesson-fork

It called my name!  With a rustic feel to it (which goes along with our home décor), and well, it was a done deal.  My mind ran its usual…what kind of vignette can I create to make an awesome wall statement in my kitchen?  Then I came upon this mustard colored pail that had “farmers market” stenciled on the front.  Two items that had Belle written all over them!

the 4 foot fork and a life's lesson-bucket

The farmers market pail was filled with an array of silk flowers and greenery AND the cotton bolls I bought @ a festival in Fayetteville.

They remind me of my sweet girl!

Short story…when my daughter was about four, my mom, the kids and I were travelling south to take my mom back home.  On the way there, we past many cotton fields and my daughter begged each time we passed one, if we could stop and pick some.  Each time I told her no.  My mom finally intervened (which she never did).  Momma gently put her hand on my arm and said, “Belle, just pull over and let her pick some cotton.” 

She was right, my little girl loved her cotton and handled it like it was a rare gem.  My daughter cared for that cotton boll for a very long time.  Mom, in her quiet wisdom was trying to teach me a lesson of making time for little things like that, things that made a difference to a child. 

Cotton bolls now have a way of reminding me of that precious lesson and my sweet baby girl!

the 4 foot fork and a life's lesson-floral

The 4 foot fork and a life’s lesson

My wall vignette is complete with the giant 4′ fork.  I incorporated the farmers market pail filled with cotton bolls and greenery.  A daily reminder to slow down and make time for the little things in life!

the 4 foot fork and a life's lesson-wallart

I hope you do too~

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