Intrigued?  You should be because this isn’t only about how the ice princess and her happily ever after tale… but how you can make your own princess happy, IF

Here’s the scoop.  This princess LOVES her ice!  What happens when there isn’t any ice to be found in the castle? Let’s just say you’ve heard the little sayin’, “if momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy”.  Well, then you get the jest.  Here’s the deal, our (brand new, I might add), refrigerator started having issues with the ice maker shoot. (Shoot!  What I wanted to do to it after it stopped givin’ me ice!!!)  See the problem?

the ice princess lives happily ever after-freeze

Well it caused the ice to freeze up in the shoot therefore no ice was making it’s way to the dispenser.  My handy dandy man went online (as he does for EVERYTHING) and found others with the same issue.  He came upon a place that sold the hardware needed to make the repair himself.  AND who wants to pay a repairman to come out and dole out $75 or more for something you can do for under $40 and under 30 minutes (seriously)!!! Not too shabby a price for making an ice princess happy right?

So here’s the details / how-to on doing the same if you encounter the same problem.  Cause who on earth wants to live in TEXAS (or anywhere else for that matter), and not have ICE for their ICED TEA???

This is the repair kit (which you can get here) along with the tools you’ll need.

the ice princess lives happily ever after-tools

  • repair kit
  • flat head screwdriver
  • tape
  • putty knife

And on the Repair Clinic site, you might even find a video on steps on your brand or model of fridge. But here are the rest of the pics on the steps he took.

the ice princess lives happily ever after-connection

the ice princess lives happily ever after-repair

the ice princess lives happily ever after-inside

Immediately after putting it together guess what?  The problem was solved!

the ice princess lives happily ever after

the ice princess lives happily ever after-ice

Huge savings, easy peasy repair and even better…a happy castle~

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