the world needs more pie-mobile

the world needs more pie-mobile

My daughter loves to cook and bake so naturally she’d heard of Beth Howard.  She told me a few weeks ago that Ms. American Pie was on a book tour (the world needs more pie), and would have a stop in Austin and since she wouldn’t be making any stops near her, she asked if I would go and get her a signed copy.  So Monday, I planned on attending the event.  Then I happened to be on facebook yesterday morning and read this post…

the world needs more pie-fb

She was in need of pies to hand out to those attending the book signing and couldn’t pass out her own homemade pies due to being on the road and she wasn’t having any luck.

Quickly I replied to her post offering to pick up pies at our local pie company.  The pie place is less than a 5 minute drive from my home.  I messaged her my number and a few minutes later, she  called asking if I really didn’t mind. What would you do if Ms. American Pie called and asked for help?  Of course I could help a sister out, besides that’s what Texans do!

I headed over to the Texas Pie Company and picked up an order of fresh apple, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry and almond joy pies!

the world needs more pie-pie-company


(Fresh out of the oven, smelling great in my car)…

I headed out to the Barnes ‘n Noble Arboretum in Austin, picked out my spot, got two books signed and sat in for the pie crust making tips and pie magnificence presentation.

the world needs more pie-pie-lady

Her presentation was awesome!!!  I came away believing I can MAKE my own d*mn PIE!!!

the world needs more pie

the world needs more pie-us
the world needs more pie-pie-cookbook

Beth was sweet and gracious and reminded me to tell my daughter that she would love her help at her summer pie workshops in Iowa. (She lives in the American Gothic house), how awesome is that?  I told her that my daughter is good as there!  No doubt she has it on her calendar by now.

Me…. well, I’ve always been intimidated by pie making – not sure why, but after her teaching, I will attempt to make my very own pie— and I will post it.  You can count on that~

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