this is for the birds-guest

A continuation to the most beautiful Fall wedding ever!  As previously mentioned, my daughter and I and several family members, made a lot of the wedding details.  Such as invitations, cake stands, favors, cake topper and more.  On this continuation I’ll be sharing several of those details along with the first one.  This is for the birds is actually about the little birdseed packets we had for guests to toss at the bride n groom! The template was created on Word and I put some descriptions of the couple on one side and again, used brown kraft paper to go with the rest of the wedding theme.  We filled them with birdseed and sealed them with a wax stamp.

this is for the birds~

this is for the birds-templatethis is for the birds-packets
this is for the birds-basket

OOT boxes (out of town) guest boxes~

this is for the birds-oot

These boxes were purchased in Canton on one of my trips with friends.  I fell in love with the color because it went with the theme and they were the perfect size for what we were needing them for.  We made homemade lemon verbena soaps that smelled amazing and we wrapped them in colorful printed scrapbook paper. (see below)

this is for the birds-oot-collage

We also printed out the note above to put in each box along with water bottles, Tylenol, a map of things to do in the village and surrounding area.  Other items included homemade granola and other fun fillers.  We hand delivered to the guests hotel rooms to have upon arrival.

Wedding guest favors~

this is for the birds-favors

As is a tradition for our kids weddings, my best friends and I have done pecan pralines for each, as wedding favors.  (Southerners you know!). They did them again, but this time we added a mini jar of homemade apple & pear jelly to each bag.  The groom’s parents made the jellies using apples and pears they picked at the kids farm.

Ring bearer dish~

The bride wanted something different for her ring bearer to carry the rings on, so she enlisted the help of her brother.  He’s pretty artsy and molded a dish out of clay and these are the hands at work.

this is for the birds-rings
The final piece was painted and sealed and a ribbon was used to tie the rings in place.

this is for the birds-dish

the pocket schedule~

You’re gonna love this!  We made these adorable pocket schedules for the wedding party.  So they knew where they needed to be, what time, and when.  They came in so handy and we never once got a phone call asking for instructions!

guest sign in~

How cute is this idea for guests to sign in at the wedding reception?  Of course we had to have hand wipes but overall it turned out better than hoped for.  Best part…no one got paint on their attire!

this is for the birds-guest

bridesmaid hangers~

I ordered my sweet girl a hanger for her wedding dress.  When it arrived and I examined it and decided I could probably make them.  So I did.  I made one for the bridesmaids and they were individually wrapped and given to them. I found store the wood hangers for a steal, then using my printer to print out the girls names after I got them lined up in size and font I wanted.

this is for the birds-hangers

It was truly one of the best wedding I have ever been to.

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