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I can NOT believe that the first month of 2018 is GONE.  Guys, where does the time go?  Honestly, I remember my folks asking that when I was younger and I was like psshh!  Now, geeze I really don’t understand.  There was also a time when I totally disliked January, mainly due to it feeling like a let-down after the mad rush of the holidays.  But that’s not the case anymore.  I made the decision of keeping myself busy, mentally and physically as to not fall into the doldrums and it’s worked.  My January saw a lot of family time and spending beautiful, quality time with the grandkids, now that we live closer.  Life is grand!  I can tell you that I miss a lot about Texas, first and foremost my son.  Then there’s tacos, the air, the people, did I mention TACOS, and tacos.  But you guys, we are living in little Mayberry, USA and it’s quaint and freakin’ charming!  But no TACOS.  I’ve always known you have to give to receive…LORD, I am giving- (please tell me you hear me or are reading this!)lol. But the change of climate, atmosphere, and culture change has not been too bad. I’m flexible and I adapt.  My blog has also seen some changes, such as upgrades and  updates.  I have always wanted to have more time to dedicate to my writing and it’s my #1 goal this year, to take GCC to a new level.  So far, so good!  But the month also set new direction for my fashion/beauty interests and I plan on spending more energy on this as well.  This post is about this seasons beauty and fashion helps! But first…This seasons beauty and fashion helps-snow

Part of the changes here at GCC will include more collaboration with brands that I find to be a good fit for not only myself, but for YOU, my sweet & awesome readers.  I’ve always loved FASHION and I whole heartedly believe that if you look good- you feel good.  Am I right?  Me giving direction, guidance or suggestions for wardrobe, skin care, or outlook on looking great are just…my opinions here at GCC.  If I can help just a tad, that’s fantastic.  There are many women I look up to for inspiration.  I think that the most beautiful women are those that are both beautiful on the iNSIDE as well as on the oUTSIDE. Example, Audrey Hepburn.  Don’t get the impression that I know it all.  I don’t!  I’m just trying to play the same game as a lot of women and find what works for me.  Women can be empowering and supportive.  I hope I am both.

OUTFITS that found their way into my COLD January 2018!

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This seasons beauty and fashion helps-mustard

BEAUTY HELPS that found their way into my COLD January 2018!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.  These items were a gift in exchange for my honest feedback.

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This cute crossbody messenger bag was both perfect for a night out and matched my riding boots to a “T”!  About the mini specs! They’re perfect for this old lady and I love that I’ve been able to just tuck them inside my boots to have handy when I’m out running around and don’t have to take a bag!  If you don’t own a silicone makeup brush cleaning pad—get you one!  I couldn’t believe the gunk that came off my brushes when I used it.  All these items can be picked up HERE or following the links ↓below.

This seasons beauty and fashion helps…

will continue throughout 2018 so check back often.  Thank you for stopping & BE BEAUTIFUL!