Hi Lovely’s!  Lets talk about tresses, skin & fashion.


My hair has really gotten long and I contemplate cutting it often but then every time I talk to a woman with short – short hair, they say “NO, don’t do it.”  I ran into a lady the other day that had the cutest short hair style and I told her how I loved it.  She replied by saying, “I love yours and I never would have cut mine had I known it was so much work.  So don’t do it!”  We compared notes on the maintenance of it all and when we looked around, there were two guys just standing there listening to us and we all started laughing.  (Not sure Lowe’s is the best place to talk to strangers about hair & it’s upkeep!)

(Men will never understand the length we go to – to achieve this craziness– but whatever!)

So back to tresses…

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Ideally, I would love hair like this—I love big hair!  I used to battle on whether I should curl or straighten, (except when my hair was naturally super curly & I didn’t have to do much).


Then there’s always the “let’s just tie it up & go” method!

But if you want to achieve easy, quick and beautiful lasting curls…

tresses, skin & fashion

I do the sock bun method most nights. (Helpful post if you’ve never used this method).  Sleep in it and just unwind the sock out of it in the morning, run your fingers through it and voila!
Long, natural curls!  This is my favorite method—so in reality, it’s so easy and maintenance free that I think I’ll keep my long hair for a bit longer.

Tress Tips:  for sock bun success…dampen hair all over with a water-filled spray bottle, roll in sock, sleep on it.  Run fingers through your hair vs. brushing out (otherwise you’ll just have a hot mess- trust me), and practice, practice.  Once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried this method before and you’ll be happy not to be using hot implements on your hair.  Since I’ve been using this method and letting my hair air dry vs. blow drying, my hair is definitely A LOT healthier looking!


Winter & summer months can be harsh on your skin (especially your face)…this is a shot of my cheek after having been outside in the cold wind for a few minutes working on a project.


So moisturizing and keeping your skin protected is a must!  Oil of olay is my preferred moisturizer and then I top it off with a primer or BB cream to lay my foundation on. Typically I use Revlon photo ready for the spring and Garnier for the summer. But omg, I just have to share my new favorite skin primer!


Holy moly!  My skin feels amazingly smooth and my makeup just glides on.  Totally worth every penny!  I have never used a primer that feels this good. EVER!!!

Skin Tip: moisturize-moisturize!!!


A little pointer ladies!  Just because it’s winter time, don’t feel the need to wear the dreaded grays, blacks, grays and blacks just cause the weather itself is dreary.  You should do the complete opposite and “bold it up”!!!
tresses, skin & fashion

Fashion Tip:  BOLD- BOLD!  Blare the winter away with a cute, colorful outfit (bold tunic over tights), paired with bright accessories (cute colored bangles & mixed metals), complete your outfit with a pair of awesome boots!

tresses, skin & fashion

There’s absolutely no reason you should be afraid of showing off your little fashionista side.  Look good at any age or season ladies!

Now go face the world, beautiful~


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