truth about life

Here’s the truth about life

  • Life is short, that’s a fact.
  • Life is what you make it, (that’s been my life’s motto), and I will stand to that till I’m no longer here.
  • Life is meant to be LIVED.

With that premise then we are to understand that we should get going with this journey or ours, right?  Not becoming complacent with where we are, we can and shouldn’t be afraid to venture out.  (S0metimes easier said than done, I know!)

But Hun and I, after a great deal of talking and thinking over the passed 2 years, have decided to once again uproot. Not cause we enjoy being transient adults, (as my son once referred to us).

truth about life
carved on concrete at our current home

(Let me share a story before I share a project!)

Hubs and I lived in one area for 28 years before moving to the Dallas area for 3 years and then relocating to the Austin area, (now 3 years).  Although I am not a fan of packing up a houseful, I do love finding a new house that I thoroughly enjoy turning into our own personal space.  A HOME!

The first time we moved away from the town where my kids were raised and left the home they grew up in, I was feeling a little nostalgic and apologized to my son by saying, “babe I’m sorry that you won’t ever come back to this place, the place you grew up and made so many memories and friends.”  He sweetly grabbed my hand and said, “Mom, home is wherever y’all are at!”  It was the perfect words I needed to hear at that moment, and it’s true!  Home is where our loved ones are.  Even though the place will remain fondly tucked close to our heart- that isn’t what defines and makes it “HOME” for us.

Looking back, I wouldn’t trade those moves we’ve made for anything in the world.  The homes we’ve lived in and the wonderful neighbors we’ve had.  The people that have touched our lives on our transient journey –well, let’s just say… we’ve been blessed! They’re the icing on the cake!

But the cherries on top are our beautiful babies.  FAMILY!  We just can’t stand being away from our grand babies.

I remember how much I loved my grandma but then she left way too soon as well as my other grandparents.  My husband’s grandparents, same thing.  So, we both agreed that we wanted to be a HUGE part of our kids’ lives.  (I figure we’ll have at least 15 years that they will hopefully enjoy being around us before they tire of us!) We’ve chosen to spend our LIFE watching our grand babies grow up — LIFE is short!

The truth about life (did I mention? is … FAMILY)

Our house is on the market, we have a contract offer, boxes have taken over my life —again, but to keep me from losing the last of my sanity, I must work on some projects in between.

PAUSE—–Hobby Lobby, here I come!  Bought some cute containers!

truth about life truth about life

Then pulled out my yet unpacked Cricut machine to cut out some vinyl lettering.

truth about life

One is HOME, one is MAIL!   (CLICK on the highlighted words to download your free image!)

Here are the finished projects—-

truth about life

truth about life

Cause… Texas will forever be in our hearts (naturally), it’s our HOME!   But thank goodness for MAIL!  WRITE!?!

truth about life

Let’s stay in touch ~


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