LOVE – LOVE – LOVE!!! These fun, cute, and adorable Turkey Gift Tag printable for Thanksgiving treats!

Turkey Gift Tag printable

Yep!  Another free printable from GCC!!!  I wanted to make some generic tags to use for small treats to give out for Thanksgiving.  For friends, family, your favorite teacher, your classroom kiddos, etc.  So what could be cuter than a plump-colorful turkey?

I love to make & gift small treats and I also enjoy playing around with graphics. Saturday evening, while the hubs got caught up on one of his favorite shows, I decided to play around and the end result was this awesome turkey tag!

Here’s what I will be using mine for…

Turkey Gift Tag printable

Small tins filled with “spicy gobbles”!  You’ve seen the recipe for spicy crackers, a.k.a. firecrackers, pimped up crackers, etc.  Well, same ‘ol – same ‘ol!  Only these have dill for jacked up flavor.  (Recipe this week).



So get going and print out the tags on cardstock– by clicking HERE!!!

Turkey Gift Tag printable

Now you can cut and fill a bag or tin with treats, (get creative), and surprise someone special.


(Actual tag size is: 3″W x 3.5″L)


These tags are way too adorable to not be used in a creative way, so have at it!

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