A Vintage Christmas House Tour, before I begin…
Vintage Christmas House Tour

A friend and I came across this guy this week and I found myself thinking,


See, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a chat with Santa.  So naturally I found myself trying to think back on this year and what I’d done when he asked me the BIG question.  “Have you been good this year?”  Well guess what kids?  My answer was yes!  Each year is an attempt to be better than the last, so I try to be kinder (always #1 on my list), more giving, more considerate and more caring.  However, I did tell Santa that I got a speeding ticket that I wasn’t happy about (even though of course it was my fault), how it put it a cramp in my super record! DANG it!!!  He laughed and said he too sometimes finds himself in a hurry – especially on that very special night!

Since I was a child and I learned that you had to be good or Santa wouldn’t bring us anything, I have practiced being good.  It’s a precursor to the New Year when it’s time to make our yearly resolutions and being good just automatically starts at #1 for me.  I know I fail at times, we wouldn’t be human if we were perfect but nonetheless I start anew each year in hopes that by the time I’m 70 I will literally be “golden” in the “good” department!  I want a halo (it would top the rest of my accessories) and I wouldn’t be able to stand the heat in purgatory! Lol

So let’s be good for goodness sake!

Now that my letter to Santa is done (see?),

Vintage Christmas House Tour

and the house is decorated, I hope you enjoy a few of the personal holiday touches around our GCC Texas Vintage Christmas House Tour.  So come on in…


Vintage Christmas House Tour
Our little reminder of how many Christmases Boo n I have celebrated together


Vintage Christmas House Tour tab2x tab3x

Vintage Christmas House Tour
the kitchen Christmas tree


the over-70 year old elves that don’t age


Now,to get Boo to deliver the invites for our annual, (& first one here), Christmas Brunch!

Vintage Christmas House Tour

In the meantime I will continue to recover from my wisdom tooth extraction and have cuddle time with my little partner,

all while planning the menu for the brunch!


Hope you love your holiday prepping and festivity planning as much as I do.  I would love to hear and see what you do~

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