Ever thought about  a vintage toys themed baby shower?  This one was a perfect celebration for an expectant mommy of twin boys!   Along with a school library full of children’s books!  Lucas & Logan will be arriving in less than a month. So the fun began.

Vintage Toys themed baby shower

I’ve added a few pictures of the fun celebration that included personal items belonging to my kids when they were little and one’s that I’ve collected over the years.  It only made sense to bring all those items together to create a cute toy themed shower for a non-traditional baby shower for an expectant friend.

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We gathered children’s tinker toys, tricycles, books, blocks and teddy bears for the props  and table centerpieces.

Vintage Toys themed baby shower

Guests were treated to ice cream accompanied with a choice of chocolate, vanilla or fresh sweet berry cake (recipe later this week),  and a refreshing pineapple sorbet punch.  The new mommy participated in some photo opportunities, games, and laughter, while she got to be receive plenty of wonderful gifts that will surely help them out a whole lot.

Vintage Toys themed baby shower

Love this girl!  She looks radiant and I can’t wait to meet those 2 little guys she’ll be bringing into this world.


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