Call me a romantic, call me whimsical… but does anyone else love wax seals & beautifully handwritten letters?  I’ve always loved the nostalgia behind wax sealing and I remember the first time I saw it done.  It was in an old King Arthur movie when I was a kid.  The art of wax seals goes way back.   If it was up to me, the art of wax sealing handwritten letters would make a resurgence!

Wax sealing handwritten letters-gullycreekcottage-seals

It makes me want to write more letters just so that I can seal the envelope with a beautiful hue of hot melting wax and a fabulous seal.

Wax sealing handwritten letters-gullycreekcottage-color

I’ve been known to gift sealing sets in hopes of getting others to love it as much as I do!  Boo knows my love affair with sealed envelopes and for our last anniversary, he handed me an old-old box.  I was like a kid when I saw what was in it. 

wax sealing handwritten letters-gullycreekcottage-kit

This very old set that still had old wax (too old to use but I’ll keep it cause it just makes sense to keep it in it’s original form).  But how awesome is it?

Wax sealing handwritten letters-gullycreekcottage-kit1

I don’t want to be responsible for the death of wax sealing letters—cause it’s a beautiful way to add detail and put that final touch on a piece of art.  So let’s make it popular again, what say you?  It’s a non-complicated technique and there are so many different patterns on the stamps.  Then you have a crazy selection of wax colors!!!

How to seal a handwritten letter with a wax seal

The wax comes in sticks or chips.  The sticks have a wick on them and take very little time to heat up and it’s ready to melt onto your envelope.  The chips can be melted in a little metal spoon with a pouring lip. Both varieties come in an array of vibrant or basic colors which in itself is fun!  The stamps also are limitless in choices.

I am having a custom stamp made to use for our B&B correspondence and I can’t wait to start using it!

Once you melt the small dollop/puddle on your envelope, grab your stamp and gently press down.  Leave for a second or two and then lift up to remove.  That’s it!

Wax sealing handwritten letters-gullycreekcottage-collage

When the recipient gets their letter, card, envelope they need to just bend it slightly to crack the wax and open the contents!

Wax sealing handwritten letters-gullycreekcottage-gold

Wax sealing handwritten letters

Easy way to add a personal touch and talk about presentation—right?

Wax sealing handwritten letters-gullycreekcottage-index

Can I write to you?  Seriously…I love this!❤︎



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