Between you and I…I’ve always secretly wanted to be a wedding planner!  I love parties, I love seeing people gather to C E L E B R A T E! I love lots of things…as you might gather from reading and visiting here. I love entertaining, planning parties with awesome themes and I love-♥LOVE♥!  Maybe cause I am truly a romantic at heart.

wedding planner-burke

So here I am!  I get to be the “wedding planner” for a beautiful couples wedding next month and I am beyond excited!!!

When one of my girlfriends asked for help with her daughters wedding—-I jumped up with excitement.  I remember how much fun I had helping my daughter with her beautiful wedding.  It was easily one of the best moments in my life. It was just magical and breathtaking.

wedding planner-thorncrown-chapel

Her wedding took place in the Fall at the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and it was breathtaking!  I love that I remember so many details.  From the minute we got there, and seeing everyone that had traveled to be with the couple, to the beautiful rehearsal dinner.  My sweet girl sleeping in the lodge with us the night before her big day and running and jumping in bed with her daddy and I the next morning- to see that excitement in her—unforgettable!  I will treasure that moment forever!  And that’s how every wedding day should be.

wedding planner-burke-fall
I’m taking this job seriously!  It’s my job to make sure that this “bride to be” and everyone else gets to relax and enjoy the day, so that they will have beautiful memories like my daughter and I do.

It’s my job to remind everyone involved, to not get overwhelmed with the excitement that they forget to enjoy and live in the moment.  I get to reassure the bride, the groom and even the MOB, that the day will be perfect.  How awesome is that? Making sure everyone, especially the couple gets to just take it all in.

Alyssa & Scott will have a beautiful day at this gorgeous venue.

wedding planner-venue

Counting the days to this blessed union and I’m honored to be helping. I am making darn sure they have a day full of magic and moments that take their breath away!

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