weekend haps-gcc

This week I kept thinking about the upcoming weekend haps and the fact that it was a 3 day weekend and that all I wanted to do was basically… nothing.

YEAH right!  I don’t know how to just sit and enjoy life.  But I do love life and keeping busy.  AND, I like to think that I am enjoying life.  But I’m one of those gals that unless my life is in order then nothing makes sense.  That includes having the house clean, organized, etc.  So I started with cleaning the house, top to bottom. Including waxing the floors. I did enjoy movie night with the hubs, dinner out one night, relishing in the excitement of our kids lives and their upcoming projects, (more on that on following posts)!  Boo got him a new Harley, then him and the neighborhood guys continued operation armadillo even though they caught one and city came and hauled it off.  Apparently there’s another or two 🙁

the haps~

  • bread baking
  • hubby bought me a new power tool (oh yeah!!!)
  • house cleaning (I know you’re thinking lame deluxe)!
  • dined out
  • weekend grilling’
  • Boo’s new Harley
  • home decorating
  • painting project
  • product reviews (upcoming posts)


 finished hanging some Wall art touches in the Smith room!

weekend haps-guest-room

weekend haps-concrete-floors

When my daughter was younger, every time I gifted her a dvd, I would include a line from the movie.  She loaned me some on our recent trip and when I opened this particular one to watch the other night…this is what I found! LOL (the note was still in there)!

weekend haps-movie

weekend haps-craft

Sopapilla treat from our waiter at the new restaurant that we went to.


I honestly had to refrain from decorating for Fall y’all- my favorite time of year!  Getting my decorating mode A game ready though!

Lots to report this week so stay tuned~


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