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Beautiful rain and crisp weather!  How I L♥VE you!!!  Woke up Saturday to 63 degree fall weather and the LORD finally blessing us with some rain!  It was the prefect weather to get away and go excavating for architectural pieces, projects and some fall inspiration.  After having a busy, beautiful and shock-full week, it was nice to look forward to some weekend haps.

Tuesday evening I was walking into our master bathroom to get ready for bedtime and in the corner of my eye I saw something move on the floor…totally shocked and screaming, Boo ran in to find a stupid snake that somehow got in our room.  I HATE SNAKES!!!

weekend haps-snake

I guess that’s what you get when you live near farmland!  I was terrified all week and since then, worried that there might be others. The husband keeps telling me there isn’t.  If by chance I stop posting, it’s cause there were and I’ve died of a heart attack.

2nd shocker…I’ve NEVER until Saturday, EVER dropped my phone in a toilet but after shopping I stopped at a convenience store, (another thing I NEVER do), cause I had to use the facilities really bad.  I dropped my pants and I hear a big thud in the toilet.  I immediately realize my phone has fallen from my back pocket and into the water, I frantically jumped around (if you can visualize me needing to use the loo really-really badly), wadding up as much toilet paper that I can to dry off the phone while pulling it out of the protective cover and freakin’ out about germs. YES, GERMS!  I’m a freak about that. (I try to hide it) but sometimes, like this instance…there’s no hiding it.  As soon as I got to my car, I ended up using every napkin and hand sanitizer I had to clean it off.  Luckily and by the grace of the phone fairies…it still works.  Thank goodness!  Chihuahua’s!!!

On to sweeter notes…

I am thankful for the beautiful skies we had all week.  (They’ve been brilliant as you will see in the pictures below.)

But the BEST & most BEAUTIFUL was Wednesday when our daughter went to the dr. and sent us an audio clip of our g-baby’s heart beat. O M G!!!  I bawled and bawled. It was the most beautiful sound ever!

So thankful for those blessings!


  • have I told you I love spending time with my husband?  I do.
  • operation armadillo continues in the neighborhood
  • beautiful skies
  • losing a beautiful friend (Faren Charles Persall)
  • snake sighting (YUK)
  • hearing baby HEARTBEAT!
  • Luling antiquing and shopping
  • Luling farmers market
  • fall projects underway
  • Bastrop Sunday date with the mister
  • Bastrop’s famous Roadhouse & fab burgers
  • Bastrop architecture


weekend haps-texas-sky weekend haps-sky


weekend haps-wood-project


weekend haps-antiques


A photographer friend of my son’s gave us this beautiful photograph she took of him (drumming) at a show a few months ago.  LOVE the photo! Thank you Deborah K Coley- beautiful capture!

weekend haps-jacob







Lost this beautiful man, wonderful husband, great dad and super friend, much too soon. Rest in peace Faren Charles you will be missed by many~



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