weekend haps-broom

Not a lot happened during our weekend haps other than me feeling awkward.  I usually have stamina, motivation and can’t wait to do something.  However this weekend, I’m not sure what was going on.  For one, I had terrible issues with my allergies and finally got in to see my new doctor on Wednesday evening and got my allergy shot.  However, he didn’t give me the one I’ve used for over 15 years but the one he did give me, immediately cleared me up.  But I’ve been having weird dreams, have been lazy and sleeping a lot.  Saturday I took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon…I never do that!  I just don’t feel myself.

Thursday I got to listen to the boy live performing at a house concert…those make me happy!

Then my Friday workday was insane!!!  However, I kept thinking of my super awesome nephew who was having his Navy graduation.  Got to watch it live for just a bit but I am SO PROUD of that guy!

The rest was pretty much uneventful although I did do some little projects around the home-front.  Take a peek!

the haps~

  • live house concert
  • Sean’s Navy graduation ceremony!!!
  • Friday movie choice (the Maze Runner) -great btw!
  • clipboard project
  • some very minor housecleaning
  • trip to my fave store LOWE’S (wood project in the works)
  • Willow Broom project
  • lazy Sunday

the pics~

weekend haps-musician
Thank you Sean for serving and making us proud! Go Navy!!!

weekend haps-go-navy
Clipboard project –gift for a sweet lady!

weekend haps-clipboard-project
Give an old clipboard a face-lift using scrapbook paper, stickers, modge podge, etc.  Vintagey-sweet outcome!

weekend haps-craft

the Willow Broom….many years ago my husband and I went to Tennessee on vacation, while shopping in some shops, I came across a shop that had this willow broom that I loved and wanted but I wouldn’t pay the asking price.  (Not for a decorative piece to be used once a year)…I’ve always regretted it until this weekend when I made my own for my Halloween porch!

When we visited our kids in Iowa in August, I noticed they had a curly willow tree in their new yard.  So, I asked my sweet and indulging SIL to cut a branch off for me, he did and now I have a new ride—lol!!!

weekend haps-willow-broom

weekend haps-fall-ready
Can you spot my little pooch in the pic?  She loves photo ops~


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