I hope everyone had a terrific weekend.  It was the first time in a long time that it felt like a LONG weekend for me.  It was nice!  Here’s our weekend haps from busy GCC!

  • pizza and movie night at home (was wonderful to just chill)
  • Herb garden (finally went in, yay!!!) along with some other gardening
  • I grilled longhorn burgers (dined al fresco) – many huge “thanks” to Boo for doing the gardening
  • Baked!
  • Went to dinner in Clear Springs
  • Music in Lake McQueeney (to listen to our neighbor’s band)
  • “Frosting cupcakes” day
  • We took vehicles in for tire rotations, oil changes, (etc.)
  • Short bike ride with Boo
  • Home cooked Mexican food for dinner (even made tortillas y’all)!
  • Slept in some (yay)
  • (5 year old) birthday party (cupcakes in tow)
  • Movies with the hubs (XMen)

The hubs was wonderful in making the frame for my little herb garden bed.  I love this guy!!!
weekend haps-garden
weekend haps-bed
weekend haps-garden-bed
weekend haps-grilling
weekend haps-clear-springs
weekend haps-cupcakes
weekend haps-cupcake-varieties

Weekend haps (#2)

The garden will have oregano, mint, cilantro, dill, parsley, and rosemary for now.  There’s nothing like having fresh herbs at your fingertips.
weekend haps-garden-bed-herbsweekend haps-watering
I was so happy & thankful to have gotten some rain over the weekend!  Boo’s antique watering cans were all lined up and ready to welcome those wonderful heavenly drops~
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