This weekends haps…well, my sinuses once again are kicking my butt!  Hate that my new doctor didn’t give me the shot I requested.  Think it’s time to find a new one, once again. Cause I’m done with allergies and sinus issues!  So due to that, not much happened.  I did manage to start working on a nursery project for my daughter and that was about it.


  • started cutting fabric for the nursery project (a dual project since the hubby helped out)
  • Hubs cooked a great roast for our dinner (nice treat)
  • Neighbor came over to visit with her little one (Dosee loved the company) as did I!
  • Our other neighbors had friends in for the weekend from Cali so they came over so we could meet ’em!  I ♥ all our neighbors!
  • Worked on upcycling some old clipboards for teacher gifts
  • Laid up watching old movies due to sinuses!


weekend haps

weekend haps
Yep, I’ve always preferred cutting my patterns on the floor.  Although,   I’m pretty sure some day soon, it will get a little harder to manage. LOL!

weekend haps
Can’t smell much due to my sinus infection but I love – love my favorite hand soap scent!




Look at these two!  Dosee loves having company but especially little humans!

So folks–here’s to a fabulous week and smooth preparations for our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday~


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