First off… I know it’s already Tuesday and here I am posting weekend haps, but whew-ie where on earth does the time go?  I’ve been so behind in posting my weekend stuff it’s not even funny!  But what is there to do during the winter?  Well, if it’s winter in Texas you’re talking about…well, it really doesn’t get that cold around here so you can still carry on with the usual.  So what have I been up to?  A whole lot of miscellaneousness (one of my favorite made-up words btw)!!!  Anyway, January & half of February are tough months for me.  Just seems like there’s no end in sight to the gloom of the weather and the “downfall” from the holidays.  Some of you that can relate will probably understand what I mean.  So I try my best to carry on and keep myself busy but then there’s those days, I’d rather just lay in the living room watching movies all day – every day in my sweats… (well, those who know me, know I don’t own sweats) but you know what I mean.  But then I can’t just lay around.  I feel guilty and feel like I’m letting myself down if I don’t accomplish something- anything.  Is that insane? No one’s pressuring me, so why do I feel like I always have to be doing?  Sorry for the rambling!

But listen…this past Saturday I did just that.  Had a fire going all day, I lounged around, picked up here and there and then watched movies most of the day while the hubs did some of the same until it was time to grill.  Guess what?  My world didn’t fall apart and neither did his.  I must try this again, I assured myself.  Just to see what others enjoy about doing – n o t h i n g.

But come Sunday and I did do a little of this and that.  Here’s what went on other than my ramblings.

the haps~

  • crockpot meals (beef vege soup)
  • enjoying photos of the boy as he’s out and about in the Terlingua / Big Bend area
  • started a couple of wood projects (one includes the design for Baby B)!
  • started a couple of vege projects
  • free product to review (raspberry ketone/garcinia cambogia)
  • crockpot party prepping

the pics~ 

weekend haps
crock pot goodness!
weekend haps
playin’ @ the Starlight Theatre
i ♥ wood! especially fresh cut
very old table

I’ve had this little table F O R E V E R!  It no longer has a place in my home but I couldn’t part with it.  Then one night (in my sleep, as it happens often), I visualized a couple of projects that I could make out of it.  So I started to take it apart.  Can’t wait to share the “new” items with y’all.

torn apart table for a few projects (stay tuned)

So I used up all my celery and green onions while cooking crock pot stuff and remembered seeing on Pinterest where you can regrow both…so why not!  We’ll see.

seein’ if celery and green onions will take off

I received these two items to review.  In combination, garcinia cambogia & raspberry ketones  work to curb your appetite and to suppress hunger.  Well, they do.  I was a little leery in hopes that I wouldn’t experience headaches, jitters, etc. but none of that.  They actually helped with my sweet cravings and aside from being thirsty a lot, I ate less and honestly feel like my tummy has gotten a little firmer. (Yay!)

review product rec’d for free
weekend haps
meat prepping for freezer meals
boo goes a’ ridin’

p.s.~ why or why is there so much silverware in our dishwasher?  For cryin’ out loud!  There’s only 2 of us in this household.

holy silverware!

now back to work on some projects~

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