weekend haps
There’s Boo and the nieces apartment hunting and me in the car waiting. LOL  Here’s the scoop on the weekend haps that was filled with lots of projects & going places.  Plus finishing up the dreaded defensive driving course, which in all actuality wasn’t bad at all.  It was supposed to be a comedy course, but when you’re married to Boo and have his children that inherited his sense of humor- all else pales in comparison (no joke).  But, it was very educational. If you’ve gotten a ticket and you want it off your record, want a discount on your auto insurance OR just want to refresh your skills on driving safely–I totally recommend this course.  BUT, aside from that we did have date time, family time and catching-up time around here!

the haps~

  • date nite
  • nieces apartment hunting
  • solo meal
  • defensive driving course complete
  • Bubs & his music
  • Sar & L’s baby shower weekend

the pics~

weekend haps

Although I love to cook, this weeks meals consisted of ONE delicious meal that I actually cooked and it was fresh stuffed salmon, green beans and pan fried sweet potatoes (a healthier version).



weekend haps
Last weekend we helped our niece with her apartment hunt, a friend Realtor of mine also took her around. She settled on the perfect little place.  She got all moved in this weekend with the help of her mom and sister.  We got a chance to visit with all of them and then went out to celebrate after the “tour”.  (The signing of the coaster as a keepsake!)  More pics to come of her new place.  (Tia Belle will be helping her decorate her place.) Lucky me, I can’t wait!


So Bubs is still at it, and we’re anxiously anticipating his NEW ALBUM release in April. This songwriter has some fab music and the release will take place in Austin and surrounding areas. All my fellow Twitter-ers, you can get a preview and free download of one of his tunes on the album here @JaegerNotYaeger!


Baby time is almost here, the new mommy is getting nervous and excited and so are we!  This weekend she was given another baby shower by her friends in town (checkout the gorgeous invites her friends designed to follow along with her nursery theme).  I can’t wait to see pictures!


This week we will be travelling there to help with nursery final touches and spending time with momma, daddy and baby before he makes his grand debut~

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