Holy Moly!  Weekend haps… haven’t had much time to post on that, but let’s get started.

Been away from the home-front to bond with the g-baby and help mommy out.  I have loved every minute of it so much.  There’s a lot to be said for small town living.  Perks- no traffic jams (comes in at #1),  grocery store shopping (#2), I don’t seem to hate shopping at these as much as the ones back home…hmm! Air seem cleaner and no rushing!  What a concept!!!

Anyway, BEST PART… definitely spending time with my kids.  I sure do love them!

Here’s some more on the happenings… I started my Friday with a lunch date with a beautiful friend I hadn’t seen in several months.  We dined at the local coffee shop.  Then going to John Wayne’s hometown, awesome!  Some local shopping and other sightseeing AND lots of cooking to leave some prepared meals for the kids so the new mommy can just indulge on the baby!

the haps~

  • lunch date at the Linden Street Coffee Shop
  • John Wayne’s hometown sightseeing
  • lots of cooking for the new little family
  • catching up and watching chick flicks with my lovely daughter
  • bonding time with the g-baby

the pics~


John Wayne’s homestead



Madison County Courthouse

Want to help a new mommy out?  Lots of homemade meals to freeze and store so she doesn’t have to worry about cooking and can just focus on the new addition.  Definitely & for sure a great help for a new mommy!


Crock-pot shredded chicken is fab for lots of meals.  I made two different casserole dishes.   King Ranch  & Chicken Broccoli.  Super easy and freezable!


brocx krx

And of course lots of this…


huggin’ n squeeze time~

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