So let it begin, I love weekends ♥♥♥! And I love when I have a weekend where I will have not only time to spend with the peeps I love but get to lounge or getting caught up on things at home!  My weekend haps started with my Friday date night.  Dinner in San Marcos and a movie.  If you haven’t seen the Woman in Gold, you should. I loved it and am so sad that while we know some of history we don’t know the whole truth because our stupid history books in school never-ever told the whole story.  That’s a whole other post!  But you should see it.

Got to spend my Saturday with my niece Jacq as I took her on a trip to Wimberely for lunch @ the Leaning Pear (one of my faves) and some window shopping.

The rest of the weekend haps went like this…

 the haps~

  • dinner at Herbert’s Taco Hut in SM (delicious and authentic Mexi food- especially their tortillas)!
  • Woman in Gold movie (fab)
  • Saturday in Wimberely
  • the Leaning Pear for lunch with my niece Jacq
  • lunch was the leaning pear salad & black currant tuna salad (yum)!
  • Sunday – were lots of “to-do’s”

the pics~

Beautiful blue bonnets that creep out even in an old sidewalk-can brighten any day!

weekend haps
photo courtesy of Boo J.

Yeah, let’s not send the wife to shop for your favorite cigar- not a good thing!

weekend haps

And why wouldn’t we have Texas shaped pavers? This goes in my “things I ♥  about Texas” memoirs!


the hap-happy’s~

Some of the other LOVES…well, if you know me, you know I can’t or choose not to drink without a straw. (I know I have issues.)  My daughter gave me “stainless steel” straws…(how awesome is that?) for Christmas.  Well I finally got to using them and I gotta tell you, I’ve had plastic and even glass straws but this is like the “cherry on top” kinda deal!  And they’ll last forever


Got one in my office, at home, in my car and an extra on backup!  Thanks lovie doll!

Some of my other happy’s were being able to make a most difficult dessert and it turned out! YAY!


Seeing a street named after me…well, not exactly, but I loved seeing it anyway!!!


The awesome custom fabric I had made for my sweet baby boy. I know my daughter will make something awesome with it for the little guy!


And the best “CHERRY ON TOP” big dealiO…getting pics like this one to brighten my day!


My sweet reward!

Hope y’all have an awesome week, we’ll be attending another one of our son’s shows this week and excited about my brother coming for a visit~

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