Hope each of you enjoyed the Mother’s Day weekend!  It was a pretty special MD around here as I kept thinking and thanking God for our newest little blessing and how his momma was celebrating her very 1st Mother’s Day.  I loved thinking of how she is such a great little mommy already and how lucky that little guy is.  weekend haps

Kind of how lucky I feel having been blessed with this beautiful momma of mine!

weekend haps

She is my inspiration, my faith warrior and my perfect example of what mom I hoped to be growing up.  I’ve been blessed in having another sweet lady to fill the momma shoes and it’s my sweet MIL.


These ladies have taught me so much through my younger motherhood years and I can only hope to be such a great example to my own daughter.  I love them so!

My weekend haps were relaxing, fun and FUNNER!!!  My husband has always been so sweet about catering to me on my day and this year was no exception.  We enjoyed our usual movie/date night on Friday.  Then Saturday I worked on designing some fun party invitations for two separate events for some special celebrations.  One for a school function and another for a child’s birthday party.


Got to decorate and create a “sweet treats” serving station with lots of goodies for some special peeps!


On Sunday we headed to Austin for a nice lunch where we started our meal with sampling an avocado appetizer that was totally surprising and yummy!!!  Stuffed with crab, green onion relish and other delicousness.


Our son invited me to spend Mother’s Day with him at a very special show at the Continental Club.

He got to perform with guitar legend, Mr. Casper Rawls!  Mr. Rawls has been playing for many years with many other greats and the show was nothing less of absolute fabulousness!!!

I can’t thank God enough for the many blessings in my life.  The fact that I have two wonderful children that have become amazing adults.  And for the beautiful Mother’s that he put in my life.  One that brought me into this world and has been my mentor all my life, and the other that was a bonus when I fell in love with her son.

Love my momma’s—hope you love yours as much~


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