Been awhile since my last weekend haps, and this is really more about how we packed awesome trips into a very short stay!  I’ve been on vacation while our daughter and the cutest kid on the block came for his first visit to Texas.

weekend haps- cradle
This is the cradle a dear friend made for us when we were expecting our first child over 30 years ago.  So it was hauled out, cleaned and set up for our little guy!

weekend haps-baby


Bare with me while I show you all this cuteness!  I know this Mimzy and grandpa aren’t in love with this guy at all!

So the visit started with one day of rest before heading down south, 4 1/2 hours so that the baby could meet his Southern great – grandma’s!  Can I share that our grandson is PERFECTION?  He was such a trooper, always with a beautiful smile and a very inquisitive demeanor.

This was his Valley outfit—

weekend haps-senor

Then his first trip to the coast— we were all in “beach heaven”!

weekend haps-ocean

weekend haps-oceanbaby

The family headed out together for lunch and to introduce him to the Barton Springs Pool in Austin and I do believe he loved showing off his swimming skills.  I think momma enjoyed some water time with the grown-ups as well.
weekend haps-bartx
weekend haps-kids1

We had family dinners, one cooked by Bubs and Jackie. A game of “guess zoo” that we all lost at again—Sar holds the record for most wins for the past 25 some years.


A bit of baby shopping


Then before we knew it, the time flew by and our babies had to fly back home.  To say we are totally in love with our new little addition is a HUGE understatement.  I decided to go and indulge on my sorrows by getting a new “do”…

weekend haps-foilgirl weekend haps-hair

(More on my hair story later!)

After a much needed pedi, I found this little gem…

weekend haps-cupprimo

They have the most WONDERFUL cupcakes—that Hey Cupcake- has NOTHING on them!  Shout out to Cupprimo’s for their awesome and delectable sweets!!



weekend haps

Having to say bye to this sweet little angel,

weekend haps- gcc

and his momma, sure was difficult!  Silent crying is the worst~



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