weekend haps #4-shop-finds

Holy scary-ness when you think your laptop has died and you’ve lost your life over it…weekend haps #4!


  • My laptop was finally ready at the computer clinic and I was happy to get it back—finally there was a sense of peace in the world..lol!
  • Movie & dinner date night.  We watched Maleficent and it was rather entertaining!  In a very good way!  A totally different take, but I loved that and AJ did a great job!  I would so go back to see it again.


  • Boo traveled to South Texas this weekend, McAllen to be exact.  B.A.C.A. has a new chapter in the works down there so he went to support them and to sign up some awesome peeps!  Aside from riding in the rain for several miles coming home, the trip was a success.  He also got to travel to Harlingen to see both sides of the family.  Short but sweet!
  • Me…well I started off the day by waking up from a beautiful Merle Haggard dream. (Great way to start a day if you ask me!) I got dressed to travel to Seguin & Geronimo (don’t ya just love that name?), for some antiquing and the continued dreaded search for the front porch light fixture.

I did see lots of cute things that had potential…like this awesome (♥) olive basket, that was just too pricey—-but adorable!

weekend haps #4-shopping

Then I found a little shop, Glory B’s,  that was closed the last time I traveled thru there, but this time it was open & hoppin’ and there were so many wonderful items to look at.

weekend haps #4-store


Hanging high in the ceiling, I spotted this little wire basket and thought how it would be perfect for another project.  It’s going to be used in a little alcove area leading into our master bedroom, (post later)!

weekend haps #4-wired

The purchases I made:

  • matelasse European sham for one of the guest bedrooms
  • wire basket
  • ivory tassel cord (couldn’t pass up the price & I ♥ tassels)!!!

weekend haps #4-shop-finds

But the BEST- BEST purchase…was finally ending the search for the front porch light fixture…hallelujah & the heaven’s parted!  Loaded ’em up and headed back home.

weekend haps #4-light-purchase

I’m fixin’ to start the revamping of this one immediately!  Pics and post to follow.  I’m pretty sure Boo will be thrilled to be hanging yet another drop light fixture! lol

After the antiquing quest, it was lunchtime and I had seen a busy food trailer en route, I stopped and inquired about it from some of the people standing in line.  They gave it 2 thumbs up so, I placed my order to go…a bbq sandwich from Lightning J’s.  (Owner was very friendly!)

With a cold beverage to go along with my sandwich, I pulled over at this piece of heaven, took in the view and enjoyed a quiet moment.  (Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to that view each day from that little casita?)

weekend haps #4-river


Lazy, lazy day!  Dosee and I sat out back for a couple of hours while she played and I read.  Boo returned home (thank you Lord!), and we got all caught up on our weekend!

Hope yours was blessed!

This week at GCC:
  • porch light makeover
  • recipes
  • beauty tips
  • herb garden update

Hope you’ll stay tuned~

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