weekend haps-salt-lick

Love being on the go.  BUT… I also love being able to return home to enjoy the regular rigmarole.  Don’t you?   I like my nest!  But, all in all, some more wonderful weekend haps.


  • Storms on Thursday night brought us lots of wind n some rain.  Friday morning while replacing some items in the back patio,  I was attacked by some Yellow jacket’s that had built a nest under one of the yard decor pieces.  However, I did find out I’m not allergic after the stings on my cheek and arm.  Good thing!
  • A return visit to the computer repair place since the laptop wasn’t working right.  Looks like I will need to replace this one pretty soon.  Recommendations???
  • Took our visiting friends shopping,  to eat,  and even had time to catch up before they scurried off!
  • Blueberry muffins were baked and  wrapped.  A treat for my nephew that usually asks for them.


  • Traveled to Katy for our niece, Mariah’s high school graduation.


  • Spent the day with Boo n Bubs celebrating Father’s Day in Austin.

Pic sharin’ time~

Saltlick bbq was our dining spot!
weekend haps-salt-lick

weekend haps-friends

Wimberely trip— shopping ‘n glass blowing!

Graduation time!!!  —– Katy bound!



Riah’s theme was a luau and they did a great job with decorating, with the food and the activities!

Here’s Boo ‘n I sporting our Hawaiian threads~

weekend haps-boo

Me with the second cutest guy at the party!

What I wore:

Hawaiian print maxi in navy, blue & pink hues, paired with a cropped denim jacket, Matisse silver beaded wedge sandals & accessories.

weekend haps-luau

Father’s Day– Boo’s day- Boo’s choice!  So he picked one of his favorite places in Austin, Homeslice Pizza.  Bubs, Boo and I started with the family pear garganzola salad, (which is fabulous), and a pie of course!  There was one lonely – remaining slice of the pepperoni/shroom that was turned into a funny looking foil swan.  (Reminded me of Sandra Bullock’s takeout in 2 Weeks Notice). LOL


Hoping that if you’re a daddy, that you were celebrated and that you had a wonderful time!

Stay tuned tomorrow.  I’ll be showing you the final look of my newly installed front porch light that I refinished~

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