weekend haps-pelican

For this weekend haps we traveled south, this time it was the hubs and I.

B.A.C.A. the organization that Boo has been involved with for 10 years now, is starting a chapter in the Valley. AWESOME news for the Valley! Boo and others are involved in doing some training and getting them started. So motorcycle hitched and dog in tow, we headed out for a fun and busy weekend.

weekend haps-pelican


  • Packed and on the road by 4!
  • Arrived in town, got bike unloaded and headed over to surprise momma at her favorite Friday night hang-out for a late dinner.  Awesome time!
  • Made it back for the night around 11 (honestly, don’t really know- but I know it was late)!


  • Boo left early for his BACA training and I dilly-dallied over to spend some time with my momma and sis, Lucy.
  • South Padre Island bound for dinner with some more family, where we ate fabulous seafood at the Pelican Station including some calamari!
  • Ice cream stop, some sightseeing and naturally some goofing off!
  • Back to momma’s for more visiting!
  • Hanging out time with our niece and her kids (always a fantastic time)!
  • Late bedtime and early rise.


  • Home bound but first, a stop for some local sandia’s, (watermelons)!!!


weekend haps-spi

weekend haps-seafood

weekend haps-palms

weekend haps-lighthouse

So much fun!  We got to see our wonderful family.  Treasured memories for sure.  But my favorite picture of the weekend…

Sweet momma-jamma living it up with some ice cream!  AND, why the heck not!

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