What a wonderful weekend!  After having had a “physical” weekend last week (finishing up the cabinets), I had a great relaxing weekend!  One of the things I am loving about being in this area is not only being able to see my son more often, but my girlfriend Becky as well.


She and I go back a long way and it’s awesome being 15 minutes away!  She and some of her girls dropped by this week and it’s always fun.  More on my weekend haps…

I worked on some projects as well as trying out some awesome products to review, (will post on that later).  Had date night with the hubs as well as floating the Blanco.  Take a look!


  • sewing projects were done and completed! (had dueling sewing machines out to complete the task)
  • dinner and movie night (always love spending time together)


  • Boo had a function with BACA in Bandera and I was home completing a project
  • a Lowe’s run to figure what type of new jigsaw I need to buy (really-really need one)! Love my powertools!!!
  • Boo and I had dinner in San Marcos at the Railyard Grill.  Great burgers and ambiance!


    • Slept in
    • River Rats!  We spent part of our lazy day tubing the Blanco and enjoying a picnic
    • Quiet wind-down time afterwards!  Gearing up for our very busy week!


weekend haps-sewing-curtain

Boo’s brothers n sisters (B.A.C.A.) that showed up for Saturday’s function in Bandera


The windblown stach when Boo walked in the door!!! Gee!




Hope y’all had a beautiful weekend.  It will be a busy week here at GCC so I’ll do my best at keeping current~

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