It’s that time again!  Sheesh!  Where does the time go?  No longer have I done my “weekend haps” when it’s time to do it all again!

Summertime is surely present in Texas.  But I can’t complain because we’ve actually had milder weather.  I’m not at all fond of heat and it’s been a constant struggle all my life, especially living in Texas.  My husband laughs at me all the time because I tell him “best invention EVER…air conditioning!” No joke!  My son thinks I’m insane cause I tell him if I could hibernate, (in a cave w/65 or colder temps) during summer months, I totally would.  Again, no joke!

I mean, I skipped out on summer camps for a very long time with my family when my kids were young, because I didn’t want to be in the insane heat & especially not OUTDOORS.  Sometimes I feel bad about it, but then I get over it! LOL

I must share, that while I spent most of the weekend outdoors, I did experience a slight heat stroke on Saturday.  I could hear my husband humming the “green acres theme song” (inside joke), I forgave him as he did everything to help me cool off!

How do I keep C O O L in this God forsaken hot spot?  Most of the time it involves water!  And I love water just as much as a/c.  Well…no!  Clarification…A/C definitely trumps the water!!!

weekend haps-river

Along with having friends over, here’s a summary of our weekend.  Worked on some projects that I will share later this week and spent the entire weekend with the Mr. (rare occasion but wonderful)! The rest of the story…


  • Organized and drew up a “redesign” of what the pantry & laundry room will eventually look like
  • Date night with the Mr. & we got to see Transformers—excellent! I loved it & you must go!


  • Lunched at Matt’s El Rancho (Austin)…him: enchiladas/me: brisket tacos.   Btw, they have great Mexican food!
  • Pedernales Falls—1st time to visit and it was beautiful! It was either this or a gun show and I most definitely would not do @ a gun show.  Actually I don’t do state parks either but it was more entertaining than the latter. (Ugh, hiking–don’t get it, don’t like it!)  Who really does?  Really?


  • Drove through the scenic hill country.  Including Boerne, the Devil’s backbone & Canyon Lake
  • Lunched in Medina, Texas (Apple Store), we love their hamburgers!  Picked up some coffee and apple turnovers for the kids.
  • Headed to Bandera, Texas to spend the afternoon with some of our best (& dearest) friends.  They were the recipients of an award and we wanted to be there to show our support.


Pedernales Falls
(sorry for the overload of pics, I couldn’t choose)!
weekend haps-pedernales-river

bloomsx boosx boowaterx cavex fbwaterx springx

Medina… the Apple Store (if you’ve never been–GO!) Seriously… I have gone to this place so many times over the past 20 some years and this was the 1st time I’ve EVER noticed this…

weekend haps-apple-storebigapp

But if you go, this is what you’ll find and what you’ve been missing out on!

weekend haps-apple-pie-medina


It’s only the “cowboy capitol”… so, why wouldn’t you see horses waitin’ for their riders at the Chikin Coop?




Our beautiful friends—L & R after accepting their service award for many years served at the Camp Sionito campgrounds and youth camps.  Love ’em both for their BIG hearts and kind spirit!

Had a fabulous weekend with the lovie!  (See the heat stroked idiot while the hubby is a rockin’ hottie?)


Back to reality.  I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend. Stay tuned this week for some AWEsome stuff~

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