what's up
Wish I could tell you that we finally found my dream home and I can’t wait to start restoring it…

but I’d be telling a fib!  We only came across this little charmer on our way to a new restaurant we wanted to go try out.  It is my dream to someday buy an awesome old home and do restoration work on it…who knows.  But anyway, this is what’s up… the hubs and I wanted to find a new place to dine and we drove about 30 minutes southeast of town to try the Cottonseed Cafe in Martindale, TX–sal-ute!
what's up

We were not disappointed!  Everything we took a bite of was delicious!  I had to try out the meatloaf (one of my faves) and they prepared it with finely chopped veges in it which made it moist and delicious!  If you happen upon that way, think about stopping—fab food folks!


Anyway, we have been pretty busy around the home-front.  With a new grand baby, a couple of trips to go visit him, our son’s new album release, shows, and upcoming graduations, etc.  time is flying by so quickly.  Hence my short synopsis of what’s happening ’round here.

So onward with the short story… we were out and about town & towns this past week.  Jacob had a show at a cool-cool venue in Austin and it was fabulous getting out and visiting with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile and enjoying the tunes.

Dan took me to an amusing little nursery on Austin’s west side.  This nursery was quite interactive and they have such a huge variety of native plants and trees.  It’s beautiful!


The rest of the weekend was home projects, cleaning, yard work and repairs…like the fridge ice-maker repair job! Thank God for the handy man that lives with me cause this girl loves her ICE!


The weather (other than a few showers here and there), was quite nice so some grillin’ took place.  You wouldn’t be in Texas if there wasn’t.  Grillin’ that is!


Worked on some wonderful graduation invitations for my sweet Angela’s upcoming party celebration and got to spend time with the other niece Jacq as she filled me in on her weekend trip back home.  Then it was on to preparing for another busy week…but first,

what Southern Belle could resist this cuteness?  Well surely not this Southern Belle!


Got my outfit ready for this weeks concert at Gruene Hall!  Pics to come I’m sure of it!

Before I go, I couldn’t resist this enticing site.  A lonely but very inviting swing  tucked away in the garden at the nursery we visited.  (You can bet, I took my seat in it).  I love swings but I especially love what they remind me of.  My beautiful kids.   Especially my daughter when she was a child.  She loved swings and she LOVED going full speed ahead.  Always telling her daddy… “higher daddy-higher” and he would respond with “eat leaves sweetie pie.”

That’s what’s up around here folks—blessed week to y’all!  Stay tuned for a sweet tooth treat in my next post~


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