You can’t really argue when a cowboy needs a horse, now can you?

Here’s the (pony) tale

Back in November, I’m wandering in and out of antique shops when I open the door and right there in the display window is the cutest, most loved rocking horse I’ve ever seen.  One, I love that it’s been so loved.  Two, I believe every little boy should have a pony of some sort.  Three, how much cause I know I can restore this baby back to it’s full glory.   I’m searching for a price tag and I don’t see one, my heart sinks.  So I keep looking in the store, all the while glancing back at this precious horse, figuring he’s just a part of the display.  I turn around and head to the lady at the counter and say “gosh, I love that rocking horse- part of the display, huh?”  “No, it’s for sale”, she says.  Mad dash back to the rocking horse and luckily my husband is walking in the door and he sees THE LOOK (all too familiar).  He sweetly helps pull it off the display window not asking any questions. The tag was stuck on the underside, $40.  Big smile and hubs hauls it to the counter.
When a cowboy needs a horse-before
Sweet pony went home with us that day cause I have two very special little cowboys in my life and Mimzy just happens to love restoring wood projects.
When a cowboy needs a horse-S
Then he tied a cord to the end of a mop,
And said, “son, here’s a pony, keep her at a trot”

This pony got a few rides and trots before his makeover.  Even the 6 month old at the time, enjoyed him and knew exactly how to take him for a ride.

When a cowboy needs a horse-before-one When a cowboy needs a horse-before-2
When a cowboy needs a horse-sanded

Completely dismantled, got a good sanding, and a good cleaning before deciding on a new stain shade and some sealing.
When a cowboy needs a horse-parts When a cowboy needs a horse-for
When a cowboy needs a horse-after

My grandsons reaction when he finally saw the restored version…”Mimzy, he’s so purty!”  Both kiddos immediately wanted to ride.

This little guy is going to get lots more loving and a whole lot more riding in the years to come!
When a cowboy needs a horse-closeupWhen a cowboy needs a horse-side

When a cowboy needs a horse

You go out and find the most loved on rocking horse to restore for more kid wear and tear and many more years of FUN!
When a cowboy needs a horse-restored

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