This adorable little stone cottage was the backdrop for my recent diy project.  I really need to do some research cause I would love to know it’s history.  This post is about some wood boxes and the stone cottage.  The cottage is located in the downtown area of our little community in Kyle, Texas.  But now for my exciting diy!

wood boxes & the stone cottage-cottage-kyle

It was all kinda happenstance…

we were at dinner one night and afterwards the Mr. is waving me down and says, “I need you to come in here cause you’ll probably want to check this out.” Several minutes later we’re driving home with about 10 of these precious wooden boxes.

wood boxes & the stone cottage-cigar

(He knows too well I don’t like things thrown away if they can be re-purposed.)

I ended up coming home with several that the guy sold me for almost nothing (seriously)!  You know how people have used these to make purses, etc.  Well that’s exactly what I thought of making!   Cute purses/clutches, whatever you want to call them.

wood boxes & the stone cottage-purses

They’re my “wood  jams“!  I up-cycled them into clutch purses OR decorative boxes.

box1x hmmx

Using some jewelry finds, some charms, decorative scrapbook paper, decoupage stuff and you got these cute little details and pockets on the insides.


Yes!  Printed paper, gemstones and jewelry pieces were used.  Some metal file name tabs with decorative brass buttons were mounted on some.  The small pockets were added on the inside for biz/credit cards, DL and the rest will hold your phone, cash, lipstick & other necessities.  You’re set!

Their stylish and chic!  I was thinking about heading to an Austin shop to see if they think they can sell them for me.  If anyone is interested in sporting one…contact me! They’re a one-of-a-kind and I think they’re adorable.  But that’s my opinion.  I just had fun making them and getting creative with some little wood boxes.

What do you think?



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