wood cake topper-final

My kids the (engaged, soon to be married) kids love trees and dear, so they decided on that for their wedding theme!  How appropriate is a wood cake topper for that theme?  The bride herself decided to make it.  She has skills.
wood cake topper-see
wood cake topper-pin
Away she went to the garage to gather a piece of pine to draw up a template.  She used a piece of 1/4″x6″ piece of pine that I had in my wood pile.
wood cake topper-pattern
Once done drawing it out and liking what she saw, she headed to the power tools to cut them out. (I even love the words -POWER TOOLS!!!). But these lil darlings were intricate and we had to take great caution in not slicing a finger off.wood cake topper-saw
This project didn’t take longer than 30 minutes to get done.wood cake topper-cut
A bit of sanding and some fine sanding for a super slick and smooth finish.
wood cake topper-sanding
And no ruined manicures!
They were left smooth and natural and then Sar finished them off by doing some outlining with the wood burning tool.
Total price for the cake topper…a whopping $0 since we had all the supplies needed for it.
Mom & daughter had so much fun planning and making things for the BIG DAY that we documented and took pictures of all the cuteness.  This was just ONE of the many projects we made for the wedding.

wood cake topper

The wood cake stands pictured below were made by the Groom!
wood cake topper-final

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