yet another chandelier-tile

Last year my daughter and I did some antiquing in Missouri and I found this sweet old ceiling tile!  I pictured using it in place of a ceiling medallion to suspend a light fixture.  I do that a lot.  Might not (at the moment) have the place for it but I know I will down the road.  I hope I’m not alone on this.  But, fast forward to a year ago when the girlfriends and I were on one of our trips and we entered this shop that had an amazing light fixture that incorporated twigs in it.  It was AMAZING but it was grand-huge-and beautiful!  Of course I didn’t have a room big enough to suspend such beauty from the ceiling but I wanted it!  Price tag $1200!  I took a picture of it and when planning my dining room in the new place, I kept picturing “that” particular type of light fixture. Yet another chandelier to hang (pretty sure, was what was running through my husbands mind)!

Went online and found a fixture that would work for the base.  A shopping trip to Hobby Lobby to get some grapevine, then carefully soaking it in water for a couple days to help soften it so I could form it and weave to fit on the base.

yet another chandelier-vine

Several scratches, cuts and wire lashes on me later….it was startin’ to look pretty cool!

I had Boo make me a frame to “edge-out” the ceiling tile when mountin’ it and then cut the center out.beforesCollage

(Oh, did I mention that I had Boo approach a person at a home where I saw they had a tallow tree full of tallow berries that were “just” there?)    While I waited out in the truck – he explained to the lady that his wife is “crazy this way” and proceeded to ask if we could help ourselves to some.  She kindly said yes, and they happened to be the special touch combined with those twigs!  See?

yet another chandelier-fixture

The pictures of course don’t do it justice! Plus my lighting in there this time of day is awful!

But it turned out way better than I pictured it and I just L♥VE it!!!

yet another chandelier-after

Yet another chandelier

Tada!  One more project outta the way!

yet another chandelier-final

yet another chandelier-pin
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