zinc pots - repurposed-original

These are antique zinc bulb starter pots.  They’re mini, they’re cute, and they’re hard to find.  So imagine my excitement when I found some these on our trip to Waco with the Rusty’s!  I was searching for a divided item to serve as my “writing implement” container.   Why?  Cause if you don’t know by now—I’m kind of a freak!  Call me what you want, I like a neat desktop, an organized one, and one that is unique!  AND–I l♥ve to re-purpose things, so here we have zinc pots – repurposed!

So back to these little dolls…

zinc pots - repurposed-zinc

They’re also known as zinc saps, they’re made out of zinc or galvanized metal and they are wonderful “as is” or painted.  After I found these I still wanted something that would “house” them or hold them all together.  Then I found this sturdy thing…

zinc pots - repurposed-drawer

An old metal drawer that was probably a part of a filing cabinet of some sort.  $8- woohoo! I dusted off the cobwebs and dirt and got her ready for some fresh paint.  First, adhering some felt on the bottom, so it wouldn’t scratch my wooden desk. (Yes, that thought occurred to me!)

zinc pots - repurposed-felt

Picked out three soft colors that would pull in all the other colors I have goin’ in my space.  Fawn, Sea Glass and Light Buttermilk seemed to rock my world.


Subtle but pretty! I left the insides and the bottoms untouched just for rustic appearance.zinc pots - repurposed-painted

Next, painting the drawer in black for a nice strong contrast.

zinc pots - repurposed-painted-black

But, touching the corners and edges with some white to give it some character.


All in all, good decision on this purchase and re-purposing!  I ♥ ♥!!!

zinc pots - repurposed-tray


Don’t be afraid to “think” outside the box and find a new use for something old!  I promise it will give your space character and certainly be a focus piece.  I mean…even buying a bag of dried split peas to use as a filler will be a nice touch and helps keep my zinc pots from getting off balance!

zinc pots - repurposed-final

Now if I could only figure something out for keeping “me” balanced.

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